Short Path Distillation

VIKING GLASS 10L Dual Head Short Path Distiller Turn Key (needs vacuum pump and chiller)



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AI Mantle and Viking Glassware



10L Dual Head SPD turn key system

Includes everything pictured

1 x 10L 34/45 Tri-Neck Flask, AI 10L Mantle, 2 x Cold Traps, 2 x 34/45 10L SPD Heads, 1 x Glass 4 Port Manifold, Bullseye Digital Gauge, Glass Thermowell, 2 x thermo ports adapters, 6 Receiving Flasks, 2 x Triple Cows, 4 x 700mm Lab Stands, 2 x 6" Lab Jacks, all pictured Clamps, Vacuum Hoses and Chiller Hoses -

not pictured, but included

Pair of 500c Heat Gloves, 2 Port K Connector 500c Dual Display Digital Thermometer with PC Link, Dual USB AC Adapter for Bullseye and Digital Dual Thermometer, Dual Temp Heat Gun.