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this heater will work with glass or plastic syringes that are 50ml and larger  - 100f-110f is perfect temp for filling. Do NOT heat above 150f as it may cause excessive wear on the bonding agent

120v 80w Digital PID Heat Controlled Cart and Dart Filling Syringe with Luer Lock Tip, 6ft power cord and 6ft syringe cord now available.

80W - 120V Heater with 3M peel and stick Adhesive and Neoprene pad

6ft Power Cord

6ft Syringe Cord
3 x 14g 1/2" Blunt Tip Filling Needle

3 x Luer Lock Adapters for Filling Darts and Smaller Syringes

1 Year PID Controller Warranty

we recommend using velcro straps or zip ties to secure the heat pad if you do not want to attach the pad permanently to the syringe, this will also allow you to use either size syringe with our heater and less headache if the glass syringe breaks

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